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Helping Businesses Utilise Social
& Digital Platforms

Value Driven Marketing

We help bring value to your audience online, thus,

creating great value for you & your business.

Struggling to find the time to grow your business on social media? Are you looking to utilize your social media accounts to maximize your opportunities and potential? What we mention below may be of big interest to you.

At Trend 7 Media, we help our clients tell their story. Understanding your audience and what they value is fundamental to succeeding online. Many businesses create a lot of content "they like" but not necessarily what their "audience likes." We take a comprehensive approach of combining audience research insights and applying a bespoke social media marketing strategy to ensure effectiveness.


We provide the Social Media Management, Content Creation and Strategic Services to make your buiness competitive online. We create high quality social media content for your brand that is used across multiple platforms, for example Instagram Reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, LinkedIn etc.


Why these specific platforms? Many people are still only using images to grow their social media accounts and sales. Instagram, TikTok and YouTube are rewarding video content and slowly moving away from static imagery.


We believe in using a strategic combination of both video and image. If you want your social media platforms to positively impact your brand while gaining a competitive advantage over you competitors, book in your free 20 minute social media strategy call below.

Want to join our clients who achieve these results?


About Us

We are Trend 7 Media, a Digital Media Agency that works to deliver value to our clients and their audience online. Since our founding in early 2021, we’ve built a business that is strategic,  customer focused and puts immense amounts of effort into producing great results for our clients. We provide strategic social & digital media marketing guidance by coming up with the right solution for each client we serve. 

Founded by Jack Regan, who first started helping businesses in Ireland make the transition online in early 2021. Jack mentioned "I found that many business owners wanted to grow their brand online but didn't have the time to think of the content strategy, make the content and engage with their audience daily. I started Trend 7 Media to help these businesses and people grow online."

We strive to create value for your audience and your business by delivering a bespoke Social Media Marketing Strategy that is in align with your goals. Reach out to us and book your Free 20 Minute Social Media Marketing Strategy Call with our Founder Jack Regan.

Image by Austin Poon

Case Studies

At Trend 7 Media, we work with our clients to achieve their specific goals. Social Media and a Marketing Strategy are important elements to a businesses success. We help businesses define these aspects and make them work towards the set of goals the business is trying to obtain. Below are some results we have generated for our clients.

How we achieved +29 Million Views and over 20k Followers in 60 Days!

Our 3 Step Secret Formula to growing a brand to over 994,000 views + 6,700 followers on TikTok!

How We Generated $50k Revenue For A Football Club

How We Increased A Restaurants Social Media Reach To +170,000 People And Achieved +60,000 Profile Visits

TikTok Management

Our Services

Social & Digital Media has become a key tool for businesses over the last few years. Now more than ever, there is increased competition to engage customers and provide them with real value in a sea of sales content that exits online.

We have the skills, experience and expertise to help make your Brand stand out and be seen!

Learn more about our services by clicking the button below.

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